Wanna Buy A House? Grab A Helmet

So you wanna buy a house. Buckle up, the competition is fierce. Although we are starting to see signs of a more balanced market in the middle and luxury price points, entry-level markets are still hot hot hot in favor of sellers. Here’s what most buyers are going through… Imagine you’ve been home shopping for […]


What Happened to Zillow?

Heads up. Zillow isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As the self-proclaimed, “leading real estate marketplace”, I see some serious holes in its offering that have real consequences for San Diegans. Zestimates For starters, “Zestimates” are pretty worthless. A client of ours recently asked If I would send her a list of recently sold […]


The Truth about Unpermitted Additions

The truth is, there’s a lot of unpermitted additions in San Diego. Can you blame homeowners? Going through the process of getting permits is time consuming, expensive and undoubtedly mind numbing. It sure seems easier to forgo that extra step. Whose checking anyways? Well, it’s true that the City doesn’t make a habit of poking […]