Our goal is to sell your home at the highest possible price and to make the process as stress-free as possible for you. We take care of all the details and keep you constantly informed of the progress and steps that need to be taken. We recognize that your home is likely your greatest financial investment. Our desire is to help you maximize your home's value.


  • Knowledge of the Market
    • We bring 30 years of experience to understanding home values in your community. We view 100’s of homes per year which helps us determine the current value of your home. We are also constantly following market trends and making adjustments to our evaluations.
  • Superb Negotiating skills
    • We love to negotiate. Our focus is always to get the best possible price for our sellers. We are strong negotiators, and we do it with grace and charm. We look for solutions where all sides are happy.
  • Marketing & Advertising Expertise
    • Our goal is to maximize the exposure of your home. We utilize internet saturation, social media, showcase advertising, open houses, and agent networking, to find the perfect buyer for your home.
  • Constant Communication
    • You will always be informed. Our goal is for you to understand the process and feel good about our strategy. You’ll be hearing from us almost on a daily basis. You’ll also receive instant feedback from all showings.
  • Sweet Spot Pricing
    • The goal of sweet spot pricing is to price your home intelligently from the very beginning. Our intention is to get you the highest possible price without having to stay on the market for a long time and then have to reduce your price.
  • Working Within Your Time Frame
    • We are interested in maximizing your value while working within your time frame. We have great patience.
  • We Are A Team
    • With us, you get three seasoned agents serving you. We each have unique and diverse strengths and at least one of us is always available.  We are quite powerful together and you are an integral part of our great team.


Our buying and selling process started off somewhat complicated. But, within a week John and Katie had 20+ homes for us to look at that all met our "wish list". John and Katie helped us do what seemed to be the impossible. Move into our new dream home, then renovate our old home to maximize its full potential. During this renovation John and Katie lent everything from their professional opinion on color schemes to a shoulder to lean on when my wife and I were up to our eyeballs in drywall dust. Selling the home we have shared so many memories in was definitely bittersweet. John and Katie helped us tremendously through this sale. Over every hurdle, around every corner, they were there to empathetically lend their advice and support. Their constant communication helped keep us informed; if we had a question, they had the answer. John and Katie are like a part of the family and will be with us in any future move we make.

Rob, Kate, Maizy & Cassidy Tobin

Kate & Rob Tobin_Editted

“When I decided to sell my Solana Beach investment condo, I wanted to make sure the agent I chose was a local expert. I live in Kansas and wanted to work with an agent who understood the needs of investors, out of area sellers, and the requirements of a 1031 exchange. John & Katie helped me get the home fixed up, professionally staged, and on the market quickly. It took some time to find the right buyer, but they stayed firm with their negotiations and got me a great price for my home. It is great to work with a team of professionals who are problem solvers, great communicators, and never push”

-Phil & Barb Collingwood

Phil & Barb Collingwood – Cropped