Our goal is to empower you as a buyer so that you understand the market and are able to find the home that best meets your personal and financial needs. We want you to love your new home and have enjoyed the process of working with us. Above all, our goal is to facilitate a smooth, stress-free process and find a home for you at the best possible price.


  • We Are Searching For You
    • We search the entire market according to your specific needs.
  • Extensive Market Knowledge
    • We bring 30 years of experience to understanding home values in San Diego. We view 100’s of homes per year which helps us determine the value of homes. We are also constantly following market trends and making adjustments to our valuations.
  • We Work on Your Timeframe
    • We have great patience in finding the perfect home for you. Our goal is not to get a quick sale. We are interested in finding a great home that you love and that meets your needs.
  • We Don’t Push You on Price
    • We never push you to a higher price point. Our intention is to find you a home you love within your budget. We want you to love all the decisions you’ve made when you move in.
  • Supporting You
    • There is more to buying a home than just finding the right house. We help you evaluate all the other important considerations, such as, community amenities, neighborhoods, school districts, walkability, commute time and more.
  • Sophisticated Negotiating skills
    • We love to negotiate the lowest possible price. Our focus is always to get the best possible price and terms for our buyers. We are strong negotiators, and we do it with grace and charm. We look for solutions where all sides are happy.
  • We Are a Team
    • With us, you get three seasoned agents serving you. We each have unique and diverse strengths and at least one of us is always available. We are quite powerful together and you are an integral part of our great team.